This conference programme aims to give senior industry professionals access to new ideas, solutions and innovations to help take their departments and companies forward. The agenda is pitched at a high level and we endeavour to present new case studies and new thinkers on the programme each year.

Keynote and seminar sessions give a high-level view of the  industry, offering predictions and insights to help delegates form their future strategies. The interactive workshops and discussion groups complement the larger sessions by drilling down into specific issues, allowing delegates to share their collective experiences and to learn how their peers are dealing with similar situations.

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  • Wer nicht angeschlossen ist, wird ausgeschlossen

    Prof. Peter Wippermann, trend researcher, founder of Trendbüro

    Die digitale Welt und ihr Einfluss auf Marketing und Kommunikation

    - Die digitale Realität bestimmt die analoge Welt
    - Die Mediensozialisation entscheidet über Beziehungen
    - Wir werden in einer freundlichen Matrix leben
    - Die Wertschöpfung läuft vom Kunden zum Pro...


    Advertising is dead – Long Live advertising!

    Tim Delaney, Chairman at Leagas Delaney
    In the rush to technology and in fear of disruption, marketers have lost sight of the power of creativity to drive irrational preference. What has not changed in the era dominated by the reach and targeting ability of technology media brands, is human beings, who still make choices based primaril...

    The White Maze – Der Weg bis in die Antarktis

    Matthias Haunholder, Professional extremskier and adventurer from Austria
    Matthias Haunholders Multivisionsvortrag handelt von seinen Abenteuern und Extremsituationen.
    Sein letztes Abenteuer, die Antarktis gilt als der menschenfeindlichste Kontinent auf unserem Planeten.
    Ohne moderne Hilfsmittel, nur mit Hilfe von Kites um das Gepäck und Material ins Inla...

  • Doing well by doing good. A simple notion but also a paradoxical one?

    Michelle Keaney, Founder & Consultant of Connected Brands (formerly Three Point Zero)
    The evidence suggests otherwise. With one third of certified UK B Corporations reporting to attracting new audiences since receiving their Bcorp status, the rhetoric around business as a force for good is fast gaining momentum. As the number of brands such as Danone, Ellas Kitchen, Patagonia and ...

    Social Media Algorithms : How to revise your strategy

    Zoe Cairns, International Social Media Consultant/ Trainer at ZC Social Media
    • How will the new algorithm changes affect your current Social Media Strategy
    • What features need to be implemented into your revised strategy
    • How to maintain and increase your awareness and engagement on social
    • Facebook LIVE, Adv...

    FREITAG: the secret tools for the modern company

    Oliver Brunschwiler, Head of Brand Communication/ Creative Direction at FREITAG lab.ag

    Oliver Brunschwiler will reveal some of FREITAG's success recipes, ranging from value-driven self-limitation, agile organisation, low waste marketing and brand culture to global commercial success. 


  • Instore and Shopper Marketing - 3 things that count for retailers

    Ralf T. Gehlen, Managing Director at P&G Switzerland SARL
    Ralf T. Gehlen is sure that especially in the scope of e-commerce and omni-channel the store is more important than ever before.
    Ralf shows various examples  from European retailers that show what really matters in your communication with shoppers.
    He will share with you the 3 ...

    Multiply your Digital Marketing with Growth Hacking

    Vincent Tresno, Digital & Growth Hacking Consultant at Tresno Digital, Guest Lecturer
    Referring to Grant Cardone’s bestseller “The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure”
    • What is Growth Hacking?
    • How traditional marketing is disrupted and marketing channels are rendered obsolete
    • Element...

    Proving the incremental effects of Advertising

    Harry Davies, Head of Marketing Measurement and Attribution at Google UK
    In today's world there are a seemingly un-endless range of advertising options - both the channels to advertise on and the ways of targeting them to audiences. Alongside that, finance partners are looking for more evidence of the impact of that marketing. In this talk, Harry will talk through a f...

  • -

    Thomas Orenz, Global Lead Digital Content and Virtual Reality at AUDI AG

  • Purpose and Potential: can you have one without the other?

    Michelle Keaney, Founder & Consultant of Connected Brands (formerly Three Point Zero)
    January 2018. CEOs across the globe receive a letter from Blackrock CEO Larry Fink with a simple and powerful message - "Without a sense of purpose, no company, either public or private, can achieve its full potential." Join Michelle Keaney, co founder of accredited Bcorp Connected...

    running successful social media campaigns

    Zoe Cairns, International Social Media Consultant/ Trainer at ZC Social Media
    Zoe will open the discussion with your burning questions and challenges around running social media campaigns.
    We can discuss the planning, KPIs, monitoring, measuring and also creative ideas for your next upcoming campaign!

    Digitalisation – Does the personal customer touch point still matter?

    Simon Krappl, Director Marketing at Volvo Car Switzerland AG

  • Multisensory Storytelling

    Ralf Kostgeld, Head of Brand Creation at IWC Schaffhausen
    The story of a brand or product is more important than ever in an interchangeable world. In order to stand out even more from the competition and to develop even more brand power, it is essential to address all the senses of the consumer with the right story. This requires clarity as well as a ce...

    Radikal digital- Marketing in der Netzgesellschaft

    Prof. Peter Wippermann, trend researcher, founder of Trendbüro
    Kunden: Wie relevant ist veränderte Mediennutzung der Gen Y und Gen Z?
    Marketing Automation: Welche Technologien sind für das Marketing relevant?
    Mitarbeiter: Welche neuen Fähigkeiten werden gebraucht?
    Insourcing: Was bedeutet das für die eigenen Strukturen?

    Stimulus overload – how can we reach our (potential) customers?

    Cinzia Marangoni, Marketing Manager Switzerland at Harley-Davidson Switzerland GmbH
    • Our target groups are being overwhelmed with countless stimuli through innumerable channels
    • Our brains constantly differentiate between important & unimportant information
    • How can we overcome the various barriers & communicate effectively ...

  • Is the marketing team prepared to take advantage of big data?

    Harry Davies, Head of Marketing Measurement and Attribution at Google UK
    • What structures need to be in place for success?
    • Do marketers have the right skills?
    • What methods are used?
    • Which tools are needed?

  • Vom Storytelling zum Storydoing. Sind Sie bereit für den Konsumenten 3.0?

    Fabio Emch, Chief Executive Officer at jim & jim NextGen Marketing

    Vor acht Jahren war Instagram gerade geboren, Snapchat existierte noch nicht und Content Marketing war nicht viel mehr als ein „Buzzword“.
    Influencers wurden noch Testimonials genannt und das Konzept des „Besitzes“ war noch komplett in Takt. Und dann ging die Entwicklung plötzlich schnell
    und veränderte das Marketing (gerade zur jungen Zielgruppe) drastisch.

    Kurt Frenier (Vice President GM portfolio transformation PepsiCo Beverages) sagt dazu:
    “It’s an involvement culture, they (NextGen) do not want to be bombarded with products and offers, they want to be involved and be part of the creation.”

    Ist Ihr Brand bereit für diese anspruchsvolle Zielgruppe?


    Zaubersalz Digitalisierung? Ein Kompass im «Buzzword Jungle»

    Tom Vogt, Managing Partner at addvanto AG
    Die Digitalisierung verändert die Disziplin Marketing radikal und eröffnet unbegrenzte, neue
    Möglichkeiten in der Kundeninteraktion. Die Orientierung und die richtige Priorisierung hin
    zu digitalisiertem Marketing wird für Unternehmen zur Mammutaufgabe.
    Die Präsentation ident...

    Programmatic Advertising / die Wahrheit

    Stephan Frey, Managing Director at Attackera GmbH
    Programmatic Advertising ist in der Schweiz angekommen. Doch es fehlt an Know-How bei Kunden wie auch auf Agentur Seite.

    Diese Präsentation fängt bei Adam an und erklärt auf simple Art und Weise das Wesen von Programmatic Advertising. Wir zeigen die Vorteile, die Nachteile (gerade ...

  • Pokerface – from winning and losing

    Poker Experience by Grand Casino Baden AG
    Ever wanted to play poker? Or are you a poker-professional?

    Participate in 50 minutes thrill of a real poker game with a professional dealer and high value stakes at a real poker table.

    Enjoy this unique experience parallel to your meetings after getting short but p...

    Business Etiquette 2.0- What you can learn from a world butler

    Hanspeter Vochezer, Founder and Owner at Knigge Coaching
    - First impression matters
    - Nonverbal communication and body language
    - The correct handshake
    - How to introduce yourself and smalltalk
    - Outfit is communication - your personal outfit

    Behind the Scenes of a Great Espresso

    Jean-Claude Luvini, CEO & Owner at Masaba Coffee
    Jean-Claude Luvini was born in Johannesburg and lives in Lugano. With a background in Philosophy (Pavia) and International Studies (Geneva), he worked for two American corporations and then for the Swiss TV (SRG SSR). In 2010, after a visit to a Swiss coffee project in Uganda, he decided to creat...


    Magnus Lindkvist, International Trendwatcher, Consultant & Speaker

    "I spoke at a combined HR, IT and Financial Advisors' events aboard the ship Aurora in May 2013 and found Richmond Events to be one of the most professional hosts I have ever worked with (and having done more than 1.000 talks since 2008, I have had some experience in the area). From their...



    Dr Graeme Codrington, futurist and speaker, international director of TomorrowToday
    "I have had the privilege of working with Richmond Events in both Switzerland and the UK for the past five years, and have enjoyed every engagement. Across the board, their conference teams are professional, focused and a pleasure to work with. Each event they host is well constructed, using...


    Bryan Barrow, Principal Consultant, Nova Consulting
    I had the pleasure of speaking at Richmond Events’ Risk and Security Forum in Zurich and was mightily impressed, both with the professionalism of the Richmond Events team and the event itself.

    Richmond did a fantastic job of putting together a programme that brought together ...

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