This conference programme aims to give senior industry professionals access to new ideas, solutions and innovations to help take their departments and companies forward. The agenda is pitched at a high level and we endeavour to present new case studies and new thinkers on the programme each year.

Keynote and seminar sessions give a high-level view of the  industry, offering predictions and insights to help delegates form their future strategies. The interactive workshops and discussion groups complement the larger sessions by drilling down into specific issues, allowing delegates to share their collective experiences and to learn how their peers are dealing with similar situations.

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  • The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader

    Thomas Barta. former Partner of McKinsey, Author, CMO Coach, Expert on Marketing Leadership
    In a global and digital world, what makes for an impactful and successful marketer? Thomas challenges marketers to embrace their role in a totally new way. Successful marketers connect what customers need and what the company needs. They claim their seat at the top table. They mobilize peers to c...

    Five Hot Trends of Digital Marketing and how they impact you

    Pam Didner, Marketing Strategist and Consultant, Adjunct Professor, Author, Fortune 100 Senior Marketer
    From developing optimized email marketing campaigns with new tools and templates to using customers’ data and artificial intelligence to predict their next transactions, marketers are overwhelmed with the technologies they need in order to do their jobs successfully. Pam Didner will share f...

  • Steering Marketing Efficiency - how marketing steering can leverage budget efficiency

    Charlotte Preut, Head of Measurement & Analytics at Zalando
    There are many different approaches to steer marketing efficiency. The best approach depends on several factors such as specific targets, positioning, budgets, channels used etc.

    Additionally it has to be decided what efforts and complexity a company is willing to take to im...


    Swimming with the Sharks - Can Technology & Data Drive Revenue?

    Xiaoqun Clever, Chief Technology & Data Officer, Member of the Group Executive Board at Ringier AG
    Nowadays not only media but every industry is going through tremendous disruptions led by social media platforms and technology companies. The creation, distribution and monitoring of the marketing campaigns become more and more diversified and complex; the speed and decision making of daily mark...

  • Omnichannel Retail (R)evolution - How online & offline worlds are converging

    Kilian Wagner, Co-Founder and CEO at VIU VENTURES AG
    Is brick & mortar dying out? As old incumbents are struggling with the online competition, a new generation of retails are combining the advantages of both, online & offline, to create a seamless customer journey. Kilian Wagner, founder & CEO, of VIU will talk about his personal journ...

    How to compete against e-commerce giants

    Matthias Schu, E-Commerce Enthusiast, Program Manager Interdiscount
    For retailers and manufacturers as well, e-commerce is nowadays an ongoing disruptive must-have within the retail landscape and clearly anchored in consumers’ minds. Formerly fragmented and closed markets are merging, new entrants arise which are not necessarily national anymore. Globa...

    Tell me a story

    Sheritalyn Solis, former Creative Lead, Emerging Platforms at Paramount Pictures
    - We will look at the power of story across platforms through the lens of Narrative Theory and by examining media campaigns and brand identity. 
    - We will explore best practices, lessons, and the evolution of story with emerging platforms (such as digital, mobile, virtual, a...

  • Drive your business results! Generate attention

    Josef Springl, Strategic Manager DACH at Facebook
    We are living in a global and increasingly fast paced world – in which we are flooded by external stimuli. Everything and everybody competes for our attention in order to influence our behavior. 
    How can brands navigate this situation and create attention to drive business result...

    Digital Marketing is the new black! Do we need a new kind of branding?

    Elke Guhl, Director Ownership Solutions and Board Member at Electrolux, Lecturer for Digital Branding & Co-Creation at HWZ University of Applied Sciences Zurich
    Digitisation has changed marketing in the last decade dramatically. Today marketers have to orchestrate a holistic customer experience. What does that mean concerning strategical branding? Is digital marketing the new branding? What are the tools marketers have to use today? This session will giv...

  • Technology and Marketing - Defining the right technology to use for marketing

    Pam Didner, Marketing Strategist and Consultant, Adjunct Professor, Author, Fortune 100 Senior Marketer
    Technology is a blessing and a curse. It makes our jobs easier, yet it can be hell when we don't know what technologies to use and how to inject the technologies into our marketing processes. Pam Didner will reveal a simple way to evaluate your technology needs and encourage you to share your cha...

    The Power of Purpose in your (Brand) Strategy

    Outi Helena Armstrong, Head of Global Marketing Communications at DSM Nutritional Products
    Ten years ago, a general belief was that, as a company, you either focused on profit or improving the world, but that you couldn’t do both. Today, we see more and more companies proving that doing well financially can go together with doing well for the world. Stakeholders are increasingly ...

  • Swissness: Heidi or Roger Federer?

    Bernhard Christen, Head of Marketing at Swiss International Air Lines AG
    There are many different interpretations of “Swissness” around the world and even within Switzerland. Is it Chocolate of Cheese, Roger or Heidi, Bahnhofstrasse or Matterhorn, CERN or Migros?
    What does that mean for the brand management of Swiss brands, using Swiss values in thei...

    Impact of digitalisation for retailers and FMCG

    Thomas Schwetje, Head of Marketing at Coop
    Digitalization is disrupting business principles and marketing approaches in many industries. We will be discussing the influence of digitalization to Retail and to the FMCG industry. What impact have pure online players to traditional brick-and-mortar retailing? Will all retailing be multi- or c...

  • Performance eats brand?

    Stefanie Fritze, Chief Marketing Officer at Homegate AG
    TV, OOH, Print, Kino, Radio? No, thanks! Too expensive and hard to measure. Managers are often pushing for lower-cost performace activities as they are easier to track and the success is more visible. But what about the brand, the image and the awareness? A question arises: What is better, to be ...

    Culture matters

    Jan Pfenninger, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at Planzer Holding AG
    As a Swiss family company, we are driven by an agreeable and familiar culture. Internally this approach guides the employee in motivation, loyalty and communication. Externally the customers and stakeholders are drawn closer. The culture is at the end of the day the main driver of success or fail...

  • Brand vs. Price in Ousting Competition

    Prof. Dr. Frank Gebert, Senior Executive Business Advisor at Lux Markenpartner
    Aggressive pricing is a strategy to win market share in ousting competition. On the other hand: The strongest 50 brands grow 400% above the S+P 500 average (lty). Brand or price power: What is stronger and to which extend, what are the key success factors to win on both, brand and price. Based on an indicative competitive analysis (Apple & competitors) the presentation gives answers.

    The end of advertising?

    Fabio Emch, CEO and Founder of jim & jim AG - NextGen Marketing
    Disruptive, digital developments have changed the way digital natives see brands and their values. The NextGeneration consists of Search Engine Optimizers, Content Ceators, Influencers, Critical Recipients and highly Tech savvy Consumers. Your brand success is dependent on being in the right...

    B2B - from Boring-to-Boring to Brilliant-to-Brilliant

    Henrik Kattrup, Managing Partner at Kunde & Co Kim Rosenløwe, Senior Creative Director at Kunde & Co

    B2B marketing has for years been widely seen as rather unemotional and undifferentiating, focusing o...


  • The Body Language of Leadership

    Laura Penn, Ph.D., Author, TEDx Speaker, Founding Director of The Public Speaking School
    Do you speak body language?  Can you decipher the meaning of a shoulder shrug, two hands clasped tightly together, or your colleague’s foot pointing towards you?
    Filled with fascinating insights and familiar business and leadership-related scenarios, this hands-on work...

    Interactive VR Experience

    Giacun Caduff, Festival Director Gässli Film Festival, Board Director at VFBbB Alec Handschin, Filmmaker, Curator Innovative Storytelling

  • Less stress - more Life Quality Time

    Evi Giannakopoulos, Founder and Owner of stress away
    Stress Analysis



    Magnus Lindkvist, International Trendwatcher, Consultant & Speaker

    "I spoke at a combined HR, IT and Financial Advisors' events aboard the ship Aurora in May 2013 and found Richmond Events to be one of the most professional hosts I have ever worked with (and having done more than 1.000 talks since 2008, I have had some experience in the area). From their...



    Dr Graeme Codrington, futurist and speaker, international director of TomorrowToday
    "I have had the privilege of working with Richmond Events in both Switzerland and the UK for the past five years, and have enjoyed every engagement. Across the board, their conference teams are professional, focused and a pleasure to work with. Each event they host is well constructed, using...


    Bryan Barrow, Principal Consultant, Nova Consulting
    I had the pleasure of speaking at Richmond Events’ Risk and Security Forum in Zurich and was mightily impressed, both with the professionalism of the Richmond Events team and the event itself.

    Richmond did a fantastic job of putting together a programme that brought together ...

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